Tutorial 03 - Pop dot shadows

Hi scrappers

Today we are gonna be talking about shadows. There are a lot of tutorial, actions and styles to make your shadows realistic around Digi-land. I personally don't use it that much, realistic shadowing that is, my style is more of a pop dot style. A more raised style of shadowing your papers and elements. So that is what I am gonna be sharing to day.

First off I use photoshop elements 6, for this tutorial and some random elements from my stash

Now the first thing we need to locate is the shadow styles. You can find them here

Layer styles -> Press the dropdown curtain and find the Drop shadows -> Use the Soft edge style -> Double click on this one

When you double click or say "Apply" a style is added to your layer, like on this paper. But since that is not the look I am going for I have to double click on the FX that has appeared on the layer, to get a menu box to alter the default settings of the shadows

When I scrap I always have light coming from 30 degrees, but default is 120, this is personal taste! 
I always use pure black for my shadows, and then lower the opacity. So my basic setting for papers and small elements, is 
Size: 20
Distance: 15
Opacity: 55

For bigger elements like, ribbon, string, tags, frames, leafs and medium flowers, my setting would look like this
Size: 30
Distance: 20
Opacity: 55 

For taller flowers, like the rolled ones where you want to show more shadow, my settings would be this:
Size: 60
Distance: 30
Opacity: 80 - Note I have added a higher opacity

One of the last things I really love using is butterflies, for those things that are gonna float over the rest of the elements, I really push the sizes
Size: 80
Distance: 60
Opacity: 85

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. You can find all my tutorial on the right sidebar, if you havn't read them yet.

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