*Tutorial* Making a Color-swatch

Hi Scrappers

This fall have been a hard one, with a full time job and a son in school I must admit I havn't had time to do the tutorials, but today I have a new one for you. I am gonna show you how to make a color-swatch for your kits or projects.

I am gonna be working in PSE6. I have attached a freebie for you at the end, with a template for making the swatches and also the photo I have used, so you can work with me.

First off I wanna say that swatches to me should have more than 5 colors in them, and you should make sure you have the "black & white" you wanna use for the kit also in the swatch, so your swatches should have 5+ colors and "black & white". The reason I write "black & white" in " " is that you should NEVER use pure black (000000) or pure white (FFFFFF) as your base colors, they are really hard to work with and don't take well to overlays and textures, always try to get a little of those pure black & whites.

Here is the photo I have chose to make my swatch from

First - open the photo and the template

I have made the template so you just double click on the color masks and pick a color. To make life easy on you I also made a lighter version of the colors (it has it's own layer on the top and can be disabled if you don't like it)

Now pick the colors you like on your swatch from around the photo. We will all get different swatches from this photo, since all of us have different preferences to what looks good to us. Personal taste :)This is what my swatch looks like.

For the black and white colors you can see where I chose them, the white where there are most sun hitting the flower, and the black where I could get most shadow.

I hope this have given you an basic idea on how to do a swatch. An  extra note could be try keeping your colors all warm (move toward the red area) or all cool (move to the blue area) - you should try not getting the colors mixed

Here is what I mean - The middle color is the first purple I picked

- to make it warmer, I slided the arrow up toward the red (color to the left)
- to it cooler I slided the arrow down toward the blue area (color on the right)

 So when you make swatches the photo/sample is not the absolute answer, you are "allowed" to tweak the tones to fit your needs/wants :)

If you are thinking, this is way more than you wanna do, you can find finished swatches HERE - ready to use

Now here is the sample I made for you


  1. Thanks for another great tutorial! I learn so much from it. :)

  2. You are welcome Dana :) I had a request so it was fun doing it, and I am glad others can use it too

  3. Thanks for the tutorial & template. All of this is new to me ~ I had no idea how the color swatch was created. Thanks for taking the time to create this tutorial.

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