*Tutorial 10* Using Dodge and Burn Tools

Hi Scrappers & Designers

I wanted to share a tip I have on using the dodge and the burn tools without destroying the element you are working on - and making it easy to re-do any changes you have made to the element

I am working with PSE6 and my CU Ocean buttons

First up you are gonna open an element I am using button 01, then I am gonna add 2 solid medium gray layer on top of the button layer (it can be any medium gray I used: #838180)

Then you need to change the blending mode to soft light on both layers. I renamed them Softlight Burn and Softlight Dodge to make it easy to remember what is what

Now you are gonna start by getting the Dodge tool (this will lighten where you paint around the element)

Now you are gonna pick a soft round brush, size depends on the element you are working on, and paint where you wanna have highlights. Make sure you are one the Softlight Dodge Layer when you paint

Now you are gonna do the same on with the Burn tool (this will darken the area you are gonna be painting)

Now you are most likely gonna feel it is to dark and to light - so lower the opacity to taste and group (Ctrl+G) each layer to the button and you are done.

If you are not happy with your something you can fill the layer again with the medium gray and do it again until you are happy with your result. Easy-peasy :)

Here is the button with and without the shadows (burn tool) and highlight (dodge tool)

I hope this will make your designing and scrapping a little easier, if you like it please share it on Pinterest/Twitter or Facebook. Thanks


  1. Love it, Sus! I can't wait to get home and try it :)

  2. Good to hear you like it Bekki - Let me know if you get in to any troubles :)