*Tutorial 06* Using Vellum

Hi scrappers
I am having some tutorials for you each month. Those that wanna show what they can do with the tutorial can place a link in this blog post. At the end of the month we are gonna pick a winner for a $5 coupon to my store

Last months winner is Bekfek and her use of the Washi Tape tutorial. Befek you can send me a mail at susdesigns@gmail.com to claim your coupon, and thank for showing your new skill :)
This month we are gonna be working using vellum. I have a Vellum freebie on my FB page, and I got a question on what to do with it, so I thought that this would be a fun tutorial for this month.

I am using photoshop elements 6, May PU grab bag and the Facebook Vellum freebie.

Here is the page I made to show some of the things you can do with vellum.

- I started with a really busy paper, since that is one of my favorites, then I added the vellum wave to keep focus on my photo and cluster.

-The vellum butterflies from the grab bag, gives a great effect, and you are still able to see your photos, since the vellum is semi sheer.

- For my Title I cut a "2" from some of the vellum in the Facebook freebie, and I used one of the shapes as my journaling spot.
These 2 elements I had to lowered the opacity even more, to about 80%, since they are made with a more white color than the vellum in the grab bag.

For shadows on all the vellum I use these settings

I hope this have given you some inspiration on what to do with vellum, and give it a try. Please share a link to your page, if you wanna have the chance to win $5 to my store

Here are the links to what I have used again.

May PU grab bag

 Facebook Vellum freebie


  1. So I followed your directions, and it looked awesome until I clipped a paper to it (the circle). I even lowered the opacity, but now it doesn't really look like vellum.


    1. Forgot to mention I used your kit, H is for Home, and the coordinating pretties!

  2. OK, I am home now, Bekki. I think the trouble is that you clipped the vellum to the paper/shape, when you do that you loose the sheer of the vellum, and also the textures. In stead I would cut the shape with the cookie cutter or use the Magic Wand and then delete the extra vellum and after that delete the underlaying shape.
    Does this make sense?

    1. No ... I don't quite understand. Could be I'm just tired haha ...
      (those are my niece's daughters -- she emailed me the photos)

    2. Hmmmm, instead of grouping (Ctrl+G) - you have to make the shape in vellum and then move it to the layout and remove the shape you want to replace
      More sense?

  3. LOVE the page - it looks like your young ladies had a great time