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Hi Scrappers

When we journal we often do it on a journaling piece or on the paper of our layouts, but sometime is can be fun to do it in an other fashion. What about using your photo's empty space?

Lori took up the challenge and made this page, using her photo as the to-do-list, for all she needs to do in the garden when the rain stops. I think this is a fun and great way of making a list.

Lori used the Berry Tasty bundle for her page

Here Lori used the empty space of the wall on her photo to do her journaling. That way she could journal what she needed, and still have all the space she needed outside for her elements and layers.
Lori used Bright happy day and Bright happy day alpha

For my page I used the swimming pools lanes for my journaling about my son first swimming diploma. I did the journaling and then I compressed the top of the journaling to fit within the space I had, using Ctrl+T (Keep holding them down) to press the text towards each other

I used my Winter Cheeks kit

In this page, I use the blue sky as my empty space for my journaling, and tried to use the branches and my son as the boundaries for my journaling. I aligned the text to the left and then hit enter when I reached my boundaries

I have used March PU grab bag 

Theresa made this wonderful double page, using the torn paper strips as her journaling spots. Theresa did a "text path" on this double page. She uses Photoshop CS6. To make a text shape this is what to do. Use the Magic Wand to 'select' the shape. Rght click and select 'make a work path'. Start typing.

Theresa used the Berry Tasty bundle for her page

I hope this could give you some inspiration on doing your journaling in a different way than just on a journaling block, or on the paper. 
Please feel free to share, if you do a page, just link me up, I would love to see what you have made.

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