*08 Tutorial* - Brushes

Hi scrappers
I am having some tutorials for you each month. Those that wanna show what they can do with the tutorial can place a link in this blog post. At the end of the month we are gonna pick a winner for a $5 coupon to my store

Last months winner is Heather and her use of the Wrapping Curled Ribbons. Heather you can send me a mail at susdesigns@gmail.com to claim your coupon, and thank for showing your new skill :)

This month we are going to be working with making a brush. My son made this cool painting of a Dinosaur Rex, but he wanted to give it away and I really wanted to keep it, so I ended up scanning it, and making it into a brush, and scrapped it. 

I used Photoshop Elements 06, It's elementary mega Bundle & my scanner (Canoscan 9000F)

First up I scanned my photo, and opened it in Photoshop. Then I made sure that the biggest size of the photo was maximum 2500 px (Ctrl+Alt+I)

Then I made the scan into a black and white (Ctrl+U) image

 Now you wanna make sure that you background is pure white, so open the Levels dialog box (Ctrl+L) and slide the white arrow (on the right) to the left until the background paper is pure white,(you can double check with color-picker, pure white is FFFFFF).

Now slide the black arrow to the right, until you get as black details as you like, this is really to taste. When you are happy press OK

Now I have some details on my photo that I am not interested in, so I made a selection of that part and filled it with pure white to delete them.

Now press Shift+B to select the brushes - then go to Edit -> Define Brush -> OK - and you have now made a brush :) you can find it in your brush pallet

Are you having problems? Make sure that you photo is a maximum of 2500px, that is the largest that PSE and PS-CS can handle. (CS6 can do bigger brushes)

Find the brush and stamp it on your layout, in the color of your choise

Here is my own page, with my son's piece of art

I hope you found some inspiration on making brushes, and what to do with them. Remember to share what you do with the tutorial, if you wanna have a chance to win $5 to my store next month

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