Sep 30, 2016

DSD 2016


Welcome to this years DSD weekend. As you might have noticed DSD have moved - usually it is the first weekend in November but from now on you will find it in October instead.
I am still on maternity leave, and my little Robin isn't as easy a baby as his big brother was, so I had to skip a lot of the things I had thought to do this DSD, but I still have a little something for you.

Here are all the SNP store details - just click on the image and you will get to the forum.

But as I said I also have a deal for you. For each $5.00 you spend in my store during DSD you get a lottery ticket - and you can win $50.00 to my store. I will be randomly picking a winner after DSD and I will let that person know directly.

That means you can win $50.00 to my store by spending just $5.00 and you get $10.00 worth of goodies and double points - pretty sweet deal :)

Lastly I wanted to show you the reason I am not so active these days - my darling little baby Robin. He is 2 months old now - and is getting better at not screaming for hours at a time, and sleeping in the night.