Jul 2, 2016

4th of July Sale & $1.00 BNP

Happy almost 4th of July for those that celebrates :) Whether you do or not we have a great summer sale this week end. You can save 40% on loads of products in the store

July's BNP products are also in the store now, for just $1.00 each until July 7th

The summer sun is here. It's the outside kind of time. The stay up late time of year. Put your sunglasses on. Grab your bikes and hit the streets. There's no time for sitting around. This is how we beat the heat!
No better way to stay cool than stop and smell some flowers, listen to the kids play and take some pictures to scrapbook later! Here are your bright, patterned papers and fun embellishments to compliment the amazing photos of your family and good times!

I also have a coordinating gift for you

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